Wizard-Mercury-Sea King Models (8820-8821) Lowerunit Referance Pictures

Typical Kiekhaefer "K" model lower unit used on
Mercury-Wizard-Sea King outboard motors.
Closer view of the Impeller type water pump used on "K" model Single & Twin cylinder motors.
Water pump removed from lower unit with propeller removed.
"K" model impeller assembly with prop shaft gear and clutch shown.
"K" model propeller and clutch components. A shear pin is not used with this design.
Propeller casting is MB 209 with a 1/2" bore for "K" models and a 9/16" bore for KE-7 motors.
Some of the tool to make the job easier. A bent tip needle nose pliers for removing retainer and a tubing cutter for making pins.
3/16" brass rod from Lowes shear pins stock, retainer, and pliers.
Pin partially removed. Note-Remove spring first, line pin up with groove. This is the proper way of removing and installing pins.
Pin pushed into groove to remove or install. A second pin engages the clutch assembly.
Propeller shaft removed froma water pump. Twin cylinder motors use a 19-tooth gear and Single cylinder motors used a
22-tooth gear.
Impeller core, cover, impeller drive hub, and water pump assembly.